RESEARCH NOTES – TRANSFORMING THE EDUCATION SYSTEM AND SOCIAL SAFETY NETS: A Theoretical Discussion in the light of Naya (New) Pakistan Manifesto for Change and Road to Prosperity


Ayesha SERFRAZ*1


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI), which emerged as one of the largest parties at the Federal level as well as in Punjab (due to which it formed coalition Governments) and the majority party in K.P.K., where it formed its Government, placed before the people of Pakistan. It’s a vision in the form of the manifesto to establish a welfare state on the model of the first welfare state established by Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) in Madinah which will be based on the rule of law, economic justice, transparency and equal opportunity for all citizens of Pakistan. It promised that in all fields of life where health, education and social safety nets will be are available to all, particularly to the marginalised, the elderly, women, minorities, the dispossessed and the disadvantaged by eliminating discrimination by the powerful against any. This study analyses the actual performance of the PTI government in transforming the education system and social safety nets so that it can lead to Pakistan’s prosperity to make it a Welfare State in the light of its Manifesto 2018. The education system and the social safety nets as those existed at the time when the PTI government took over have been briefly mentioned to assess as to the extent to which the incumbent Government has succeeded in realising its vision of Naya Pakistan particularly in the aforementioned sectors, and, if not, policy recommendations have been given for achieving the desired goal.

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