Muhammad Tariq MAJEED,* and Shamsa KANWAL**


This study investigates whether globalization plays any role to induce parents’ willingness to teach and in still tolerance in their kids. To study this relationship, a survey measure from the World Values Survey (2014) was used for tolerance by using Panel data in a sample of 88 countries, spanning over 1980 to 2014. This study uses a comprehensive measure of globalization (KOF Index) which comprises economic, social and political dimensions of globalization. Random effects method is used to estimate parameters on the basis of Hausman test. Besides, to deal with endogenous nature of globalization, system GMM is used. The main findings of this study are: (i) overall globalization strengthens parents’ willingness to in still tolerance; (ii) two out of three sub-categories of globalization, economic and social globalization, drive the same results while political globalization could not show any significant result in baseline findings; (iii) It was also found that globalization affects values like tolerance in developed economies, positively; while reverse holds for less developed economies (LDCs). The baseline results are robust to other determinants of tolerance.

Key Words: Tolerance, Globalization, Social Globalization, Adults

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