HEDONIC PRICE APPROACH: Testing Relationship between Quality Attributes of Mutton and its Prices in Faisalabad City, Pakistan


Shahzad RAFIQUE,* Abdul GHAFOOR** and Asghar ALI***


This paper attempts to analyze the impact of major factors affecting consumers’ perception about market price of mutton employing hedonic price approach and using primary source of data. A representative sample of 80 mutton consumers was selected by using stratified random sampling technique. The impact of major factors on mutton price was analyzed by employing multiple regression analysis. The value of R2 was 0.60 whereas the F-value was 12.78. The findings of analysis reveal that freshness, hygiene, fat contents and condition at retail level are the significant variables affecting consumers’ perception about price of mutton, whereas the variable (stamp of abattoirs) shows insignificant impact. It is suggested to ensure the hygienic condition and quality of mutton by developing mutton value chains equipped with proper slaughtering and mutton management practice. It is further suggested that to enforce rules and laws to ensure fair price and quality of mutton in the city.

Key Words: Mutton, Stratified Random Sampling, Multiple Regression Analysis.

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