John Sender and Sheila Smith, The development of capitalism In Africa


“The real existence of an enemy upon whom one can foist off everything evil is an enormous relief to one’s conscience. You can then at least say, without hesitation, who the devil is; you are quite certain that the cause of your misfortune is outside and not your own attitude.” e.G. Jung(1969).

The last decade or so, has seen healthy developments in Marxist theory. These developments have put the criterion of common sense and intelligibility at the centre of many important issues that marxists had addressed previously (eg., historical materialism [Cohen (1978») , the labour theory of value [Roemer (1982») methodology and explanation [Elster (1985»), political theory of classes [Wright (1985») . It has therefore importantly resulted in clearer propositions, better defined concepts and decipherable causal chains both at the level of concepts (theory) and propositions involving concepts to tell a real story (history)….

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