BOOK REVIEWS – The Economics of Education: Human Capital, Family Background and Inequalitym by Daniele Checchi


Daniele Checchi presents some very practical issues in the economics of education and provides some impressive outcome in this book. The book provides invaluable solutions for research in the field of human capital, family background and income inequality. It provides an important overview (0 most of the significant key areas of the economics of education. and it highlights some meticulous aspects that play an important role 10 understand the complex relationships between current income inequality. access to education and future inequality. The material in the book covers important policy relevant areas like the demand and supply of education. education financing. the economic returns to education and the extent of intergenerational transmission. Checchi provides an extensive survey of the literature on human capital and social capital formation. He compiles the individual data on intergenerational transmission of income and education for the USA. Germany and Italy, as well as the aggregate data on income and educational inequality for a much wider range of countries. Checchi explores whether resources spent in education are effective in raising students’ achievement, as well as analyzing alternative ways of financing education.
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