BOOK REVIEWS: Analyzing Corruption: An Introduction by Dan Hough, Agenda Publishing, 2017, 256 pages


The author of the book Dan Haugh, discusses a very practical and currently the most debatable issue in the World, i.e., corruption, its definitions, its measures and the ways of fighting against it. The book provides some valuable research on fighting against corruption, history of corruption and the role of various international organizations, national public policy institutions and the role of civil society; to control corrupt practices. ‘Analyzing Corruption: An Introduction’ is a text book for students of political sciences, anthropology, development studies, development economics and the public and institutional administration. This book is useful for courses of governance, institutional quality and public policy. The audience of the book includes workers of government and non-government, welfare and charity organizations, as well as academic students, researchers and professors. The book consists of ten chapters which are divided into three parts. Part I of the book include corruption challenges, history of corruption analysis, definitions of corruption and the measurement challenges.

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