Assessing ther determinants of women empwerment in Pakistan : A case of two colleges of Lahore


Women empowerment is one of the most important factor which is now being discussed in nearly all developing countries. In this paper, an attempt is made to explore the determinants which have an influence on women empowerment in Pakistan. The sample of the study covers 200 female respondents of the two renowned colleges of Lahore. The empirical results of this study show that contents of education, economic participation of women, poverty and economic opportunity available to women increase their empowerment. In this study, apart from the conventional variables, a variable, “women” maintaining a bank account was also tested, which showed an extreme significant and positive impact on women empowerment. This supports the economic opportunity available for females to increase their weightage in the society. Finally, it is concluded that these significant factors influence empowerment of women, and therefore, one can focus on these determinants to increase and enhance women role in the culture of Pakistan.

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