BOOK REVIEWS: A Microcredit Alternative in South Asia – Akhuwat’s Experiment by Shahrukh Rafi Khan and Natasha Ansari


This is a book about one of the many unsung heroes of Pakistan and the work which he has very diligently, assiduously and conscientiously undertaken for the poverty eradication and well being of the downtrodden people of Pakistan.

Dr. Amjad Saqib is a gem of a person who has not only used his brilliant skills in revolutionizing the conventional way of doing business by microcredit organization but has also made a success of his philosophy based on altruistic social philosophy.

This book is an analytical work to study the novel approach adopted by Akhuwat (established in 2002), which is a commitment of Dr. Amjad Saqib with poverty ridden people to help them by not pushing loans and provide ease of life by not charging any interest on the loan money repayment of installments on easy terms…

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