Vision Statement:

The Center for Applied Economics Research at the University of Karachi, Pakistan will be a leading academic organization dedicated to advancing, applying and facilitating high standards of interdisciplinary and applied economics policy / academic research and academic teaching (undergraduate/graduate /post graduate) for a wide variety of audiences within the university and across community, province and national /international arenas.

Mission Statement:

AERC is committed to enhancing inter-disciplinary and applied economics research support to scholars and public agencies for research, service, and educational activities. The center conducts original survey research, qualitative data collection, and data analysis that inform scholarship and public policy decision-making. Objective research and consultation are provided through:

  • Partnership: Establishing and developing research relationships, both within the University and with external public policy makers, researchers, and not-for-profit agencies locally, nationally and internationally; and
  • Research Excellence: Designing and providing quality research by adhering to the highest ethical standards and best professional practices.

Our Goal:

  • Our main goal in the light of Development Plan (2016-17) is expectations of changes to prepare our students to meet the new challenges of a dynamically, rapidly changing society.
  • Impart knowledge, and build skills and attitudes which are most likely to provide our students with the means to be competitive in such an environment.
  • The research environment has undergone tremendous transformations in recent decades, pressured by scientific challenges and inherently complex societal and economic issues that call for solutions unconstrained by national boundaries. This requires the pooling of expertise from various sectors and the sharing of available resources. More than ever, the future of our societies hinges on creativity and the ability of all concerned actors to innovate.