Instruction to Authors

  1. Papers must be in English.
  2. Papers for publication should be E-mailed at: or, or mailed to:
    • The Editor,
      Pakistan Journal of Applied Economics
      Applied Economics Research Centre
      University of Karachi,
      P.O. Box 8403
      Karachi-75270, Pakistan
    • Submission of a paper will be held to imly that it contains original unpublished work and is not being submitted for publication elsewhere. The Editor does not accept responsibility for damages or loss of papers submitted.
  3. Manuscript should be typed in MS Word, double spaced, and hard copy with wide margins on one side of the page only. Common symbols in equations should be used; and unless necessary, the use of separate clips in manuscript should be avoided. All pages should be numbered consecutively. Titles and subtitles should be short. References, footnotes, tables and legends for figures should be typed on separate pages. The legends and titles on tables and figures must be in MS word (Times New Roman font), sufficiently descriptive such that they are understandable without reference to the text. Colours of axes, bars, boxes, etc., used in figures should be visible when printed in black colour. The dimensions of figures axes and the body of tables must be clearly labelled in English.
  4. The first page of the manuscript should contain the following information: (i) the title, (ii) the name(s) and institutional affiliation(s), (iii) an abstract of not more than 100 words. A footnote on the same sheet should give the name and present address of the author to whom reprints should be mailed.
  5. Acknowledgments and information on grants received can be given before the References or in a first footnote, which should not be included in the consecutive numbering of footnotes.
  6. Important formulae (displayed) should be numbered consecutively throughout the manuscript as (1), (2), etc., on the right-hand side of the page. Where the derivation of formulae has been abbreviated, it is of great help to referees if the full derivation can be presented on a separate sheet (not to be published).
  7. Footnotes should be kept to a minimum and be numbered consecutively throughout the text with superscripts arabic numerals.
  8. The references should include only the most relevant papers in the text, reference to publications should appear as follows: Khan (1978) reported that ….. or This problem has been a subject in literature before [e.g., Khan (1978) p.102]. The author should make sure that there is a strict one-to-one correspondence between the names (years) in the text and those on the list. At the end of the manuscript (after any appendices) the complete references should be listed as:
    • For monographs
      Ahmad, Jaleel, 1978, Import substitution, trade and development, Amsterdam: North-Holland, 3-40.
    • For contributions to collective work
      Newbery, David M.G., 1975, The choice of rental contract in peasant agriculture, in: Reynolds, ed., Agriculture in development theory, New Haven: Yale University Press.
    • For periodicals
      Baumol, W.J., 1982, Applied fairness theory and rational policy, American Economic Review, 72(4): 639-651.
      Note that journal titles should not be abbreviated.
  9. Illustrations should be provided in triplicate (1 original drawn in black ink on white paper + 2 photocopies). Care should be taken that lettering and symbols are of comparable size. The drawings should not be inserted in the text and should be marked on the back with figure numbers, title of paper and name of author. All graphs and diagrams should be referred to as figures and should be numbered consecutively in the text in arabic numerals. Graph paper should be ruled in blue and any grid lines to be shown should be inked black. Illustrations of insufficient quality which have to be redrawn by the publisher will be charged to the author.
  10. All unessential tables should be eliminated from the manuscript. Tables should be numbered consecutively in the text in arabic numbers and typed on separate sheets. Any manuscript which does not conform to the above instructions may be returned for necessary revision before publication.